How Long Does an Opened White Wine Bottle Stay Good?

How Long Does an Opened White Wine Bottle Stay Good?

There are few things as refreshing as a chilled glass of white wine on a warm spring or summer day. There is also nothing worse than going for that opened white wine bottle and looking forward to a relaxing chill session only to find with your first sip that it has spoiled.

Does white wine go bad? How long does white wine last? Specifically, how long does white wine last in the fridge? Can you extend the life of white wine? Do certain white wines last longer than others? 

Read on to find out how long white wine lasts in the fridge so you can enjoy that next glass of wine without worry. Don’t forget to check out my 10 favorite wines for summer.

Does White Wine Go Bad?

All wine has an expiration date. Usually, for white wines, this means that an unopened white wine bottle lasts for 1-2 years. You can determine the expiration date for a bottle of wine by checking the vintage and adding one year. 

opened white wine bottle

So how do you know if your opened white wine bottle has gone bad? A wine that has spoiled can smell like a musty basement and have a slightly acidic vinegar or raisin-type taste.

A cork that has been pushed up can signal a bottle that has overheated and soured. Chemical flavors or aftertaste can also be an indication of soured wine. 

If you have an opened white wine bottle in your refrigerator, keep reading to see if it is still okay to drink. 

How Long does White Wine Last in the Fridge?

The objective of white wine is immediate consumption. A light-bodied white wine will stay fresh for 5-7 days after being opened and stored in the refrigerator. However, sparkling white wine can last for only 3-5 days, while a full-bodied white wine can last for 1-3 days in the fridge.

opened white wine bottle

The type of wine, sugar content and alcohol content have a lot to do with how long a bottle of wine will last. Other factors also have a lot to do with how long a wine will last — things like exposure to oxygen, light levels and temperature

How to Prolong the Life of White Wine

Oxygen can be a two-edged sword for wine. The initial exposure to oxygen can promote the flavors of wine; it can also be the catalyst to turning wine into vinegar. Limiting exposure to oxygen can prolong the life of a wine. Vacuum pumps and smaller containers can help limit oxygen exposure.

Store your wine in a refrigerator or wine cooler. These are programmed to keep your wine at just the right cool temperature to keep it fresh; however, these typically don’t keep it as cold as a regular refrigerator would. Fridge storage also cuts down on exposure to light. 

Wine corks can harden when in the fridge for too long. Making sure that your bottle is stored in a way that limits light and oxygen is the most effective way to keep your wine fresh. 

In Closing

The perfect white wine is an excellent pairing with your next Italian food night, salmon grilling dinner and much more. Now you know the best ways to keep it fresh.

It’s important to keep in mind that white wine does have a shorter life span than other wines. Using care and initial storage, you can prolong its life span a little longer so you can keep enjoying it for several days.

Is red wine more your cup of tea? Don’t worry, I’ve also covered how long an opened bottle of red wine will stay good too.

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