The 7 Best Mother’s Day Wine Gifts to Get Your Mom This Year

The 7 Best Mother’s Day Wine Gifts to Get Your Mom This Year

As longtime wine drinkers know, accessories are the spice that turns a basic drink into a fantastic experience. Here are my favorite Mother’s Day wine gifts and wine accessories that go beyond the bottle.

Mother's Day wine

Aerator Pourer

Aerating wine is an essential step for maximizing the overall flavor and quality of some bottles. This isn’t necessary for lighter wines, but if a mom in your life enjoys harsher or denser wines, an aerator pourer offers an easy way to speed up the process and start drinking right away.

This is an excellent choice if you’re buying an inexpensive red Mother’s Day wine, where the change in flavor will be far more noticeable. For added fun, try comparing drinks both with and without this gift.

Wine Cork Holder

Does someone in your life drink a lot of wine? If so, turn all those corks into an art project with a wine cork holder. These rustic-style gifts are available in various shapes and letters, adding a personal flair to this surefire winner.

Each of these wine cork holders can hold about 90 corks total, depending on factors like size and shape. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, consider buying a few of them to write a message when you hang them on the wall and take some photos to show the way they fill over time.

Wine Socks

If you’re going to relax, you may as well go all the way with some themed crew socks. Available in a wide variety of styles but near-universally a top budget option, these socks are especially great for holding a bottle of Mother’s Day wine when you hand it over. Other available designs include coffee, pizza and ice cream sandwiches.

Adult Coloring Book

While formerly associated with children’s activities, adult coloring books (themed on wine, of course) are an increasingly popular tool for relaxation. They don’t demand progress at any pace and allow for extensive creativity using simple tools, so there’s a lot to love with any book.

This particular book is dedicated to wine lovers and filled with cheerful, inspirational messages. For the best results, make sure the mother in your life can enjoy this with a sweet, gentle wine that can sit out for a while.

Electronic Aerator

Manual aerators are great, but they may not fit in with all sorts of modern decor. For someone who’s a little more tech-obsessed, this electric wine aerator offers one-touch performance with easy maintenance.

It also features an airtight rubber seal, which means wines will stay fresher longer while enjoying them. While it runs off of a built-in battery, this aerator also includes a USB charging system that means you can take and use it almost anywhere. Who said that technology would never be good for wine?

Wine Chiller Stick

Now, this is a fun product and impressively affordable. As a three-in-one product, this wine chiller goes straight into the bottle to cool it down without ice. It also features a filter and pourer that help aerate and oxidize the wine when you pour it, similar to the fancy electronic aerator above.

When used well, this chiller stick can chill an entire bottle to the perfect temperature in just 15 minutes, and it will keep the bottle chilled for up to an hour. Save on table space or buy a few to use at parties. It’s all good!

Wine Carrier Purse

This bag was probably inevitable. Featuring two cups and two cushioned compartments, this wine carrier purse is ideal for enjoying drinks on day trips to the beach, the park or anywhere else that allows wine in. The bag is also durable enough to withstand the elements and comes with an exterior storage pouch for holding other items.

Mother’s Day Wine Gift Buying Guide

Now that you know more about our favorite wine gifts and accessories, let’s talk about gift selection.

Unlike some hobbies, wine is fundamentally personal. People like different styles and flavors of wine and that informs a lot of their preferences in gifts and accessories.

Many wine lovers, for instance, enjoy having small amounts of wine. As experienced drinkers know, though, leaving a bottle open for too long can do bad things to the flavor. Imagine having to walk past every bottle in the store, thinking how disappointing it would be to only drink a single small glass before it went bad.

That’s where gifts like an air-removing cork replacement system comes in. That nifty device essentially creates a near-vacuum in the bottle to get the oxygen out and stop it from interacting with the wine, preserving the proper flavor for much longer. If your mom is the type to drink an entire bottle within a day or two, that sort of gift wouldn’t be nearly as useful.

Most wine gifts and accessories ultimately fall into a few categories and you should think about these before you go shopping. Here are the categories.

Wine Storage Gifts

Wine storage gifts include things like racks and display cases that are useful for holding wine before opening the bottle. These are especially good gifts for people who have a lot of room to display things, and when you’re giving them a special bottle. Even a great bottle can lose a little of its fun if it gets buried on a rack alongside cheap drinks.

The best wine storage gifts tend to be free-standing and durable, preferably made of wood or iron. Crystal storage options exist, but they aren’t as durable and may break if somebody bumps them wrong, so we don’t recommend those as often.

Travel bags, like the one on the list above, also fall into this category. Temporary storage is still storage and letting someone enjoy wine in completely new environments can be a great long-term present.

Wine Opening Gifts

As the name suggests, wine opening gifts focus on opening bottles and pouring from them after they’re opened. Many of the gifts you’ll see in stores ultimately fall into this category, including aerators and chiller sticks.

Wine opening gifts tend to be more affordable than other types of gifts, so they’re also a great choice for buyers on a budget.

Be careful of gifts that are too multipurpose, though. Those can crowd out other accessories that someone may enjoy using. If the mother in your life has a few wine opening gifts already, stick with something that does one job (and does it well) instead of a gift that does everything.

Wine Drinking Gifts

Drinking gifts mainly include cups of various shapes and sizes. These sometimes affect the flavor of drinks, so do a little research on glass types before you go shopping. Buying glasses that work well with the types of wine someone prefers drinking makes them much better gifts.

Coloring books and other wine-related entertainment fall into this category if you’re supposed to enjoy them while drinking wine.

Wine-Themed Gifts

Wine-themed gifts are all accessories and extras that don’t fall into one of the above categories but still have some relation to wine. For example, cork storage systems don’t have anything to do with storing wine, opening bottles or drinking the wine itself, so they ultimately fall into this category.

In Conclusion

There is really no way to go wrong by gifting your mom something wine-related this Mother’s Day. If you’re still not sure you’ve found the perfect gift, be sure to check out these 10 new wine accessories.

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