10 Things You’ll Want to Include in Your Wine Room

10 Things You’ll Want to Include in Your Wine Room

A wine room should be a testimony to your passion as well as a functional space where you can organize and store your collection. A well-designed wine room needs a few essentials to preserve your collection, a comfortable wine tasting area and a few items that make this space unique.

Here are a few products to consider if you want to upgrade your wine cellar.

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Google Nest Thermostat

It’s crucial to maintain a stable temperature in the area where you store your wine. Ideally, you should keep your wine at 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain humidity levels between 55 and 75 percent.

The Google Nest Thermostat is one of the best smart thermostats around with its small and discreet design. When you walk into your wine room, the display will light up and show you the current temperature.

There are three built-in humidity sensors so you can monitor humidity levels with precision, and you can check the temperature and humidity level at any time with your phone. You can also create customized alerts and get a text message if the temperature changes. This thermostat has a convenient timer feature, but it’s probably not something you’ll want to use for your wine collection since it’s best to store bottles at a constant temperature.

Homecho Bar Cart

If you research wine room ideas, you’ll find that people are creating tasting areas with some comfortable options and stylish bars or counters. If you don’t have a lot of space, we recommend this convenient bar cart as an alternative.

This small bar cart measures approximately 23″ long by 15” wide. It’s around 32” high. I like the four caster wheels because they pivot on a 360-degree axis and allow you to maneuver in tight spaces easily.

You can carry everything you need for a tasting session thanks to the built-in glass hooks and the wine rack that fits up to five bottles. The durable wood and metal frame of this cart make it a great investment, and the wooden accents will add a touch of style to your wine room.

Oropy Wine Rack Freestanding Floor Counter

If you don’t have a dedicated cellar for storing your wine, you can turn any space into a wine room by following a few wine storage tips and adding a product like this wine rack. It’s a freestanding rack with three levels that can store a total of 12 bottles.

This wine rack features a sturdy metal frame, a simple design, and a shape that will keep your bottles horizontal and stable. It’s a compact solution that helps you make the most of the space available to you—and it’s very affordable.

It’s a versatile wine rack that you can set on the floor, on a table, or add to a shelf system. We think it’s a great option for adding more storage space to your wine room or sturdy racks for customized shelves.

J Jackcube Design Wall Mount Wine Rack

This wall mount wine rack is another original option for adding more storage space to your wine cellar. It’s ideal for small rooms thanks to its wall mount design.

This wine rack allows you to display your favorite bottles, and the minimalist design of the rack will draw attention to the labels and natural color of the wines. The result is a stylish and elegant display with some classic wooden accents.

You can use this wine rack to store up to nine bottles horizontally, thanks to the sturdy wrought iron elements. This wine rack comes in three separate pieces. You can choose to mount them together or separately for a unique result.

Types of Wine Guide Collection Infographic Print

Your wine room isn’t complete until you hang some wine-themed wall art! I like this large canvas print because it features a detailed infographic that lists the different types of wine and groups different subtypes together.

It’s a fun and colorful addition to your wine room, and the infographic will work as a point of reference when organizing your collection or discussing the different wines you taste. There are many prints and posters with a similar focus but few are as comprehensive as this piece of wall art.

The print measures 16×24,” and it comes with a hanging wood frame. The wood frame is a great way to complement other wooden accents, and the elegant balance between the colorful elements and dark background will make this print a classy addition to your wine room.

Wine Glass Storage

As a wine connoisseur, you probably have a large collection of glassware. Instead of purchasing more glassware for your tasting area, think about adding some storage for the glasses you already own.

I recommend this storage solution because it features plenty of padding to protect wine glasses and champagne flutes from damage, dust and smudges. It’s a plastic box with twelve padded compartments. Each compartment measures 4×4″, and the box is 10” high.

The hard top means you can stack other items on top, and you’ll find padding on every surface inside of the box. There is a handle on each side so you can move your glassware collection easily and some durable zippers to keep the box closed. You’ll also find a small label holder so you can keep track of where your favorite wine glasses are.

Because displaying too many glasses can take up valuable space, this storage box would be a convenient addition to your wine room. It’s more interesting to store a part of your collection and rotate the glasses you display.

YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set

This stylish accessory isn’t your average decanter. It comes with different features that maximize the size of the contact area between wine and air. While decanting a bottle of wine can take hours with a normal decanter, you can get excellent results within a few minutes with this set.

This decanter comes with a bottle stopper accessory that creates a waterfall pattern when you pour the wine into the decanter, allowing more air to come into contact with the liquid. The waterfall pattern is also ideal if you’re looking for something with a wow factor.

There is a double-layer filter that removes some sediments for a purer taste, and that contributes to aerating your wine quickly. You’ll find a design element that looks like an iceberg at the bottom of the glass decanter. This iceberg is a fun and original touch, but it also allows for more contact with air.

The decanter comes with a stand and some cleaning beads.

Vinglace Wine Bottle Insulator

Chill a bottle of your favorite wine and keep its temperature stable for hours with this handy bottle insulator. It’s perfect for taking a bottle out of your wine room or if you want to enjoy a bottle of chilled wine at your own pace.

There are 10 original colors to choose from, and the stainless steel design allows you to keep a wine bottle at a cool temperature without worrying about condensation. The double walls will keep the temperature of the wine stable, and the vacuum design prevents warm air from getting into the bottle insulator. You’ll find some screws on top of the bottle insulator that you can use to adjust the fit.

Coravin Model Three Advanced Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

The easiest way to preserve a bottle of wine you don’t intend on finishing when you open it is to use a wine preservation system. We like this preservation system from Coravin because it’s easy to use, and it’s one of the best options for preventing oxidation.

The best thing about this preservation system is that you don’t have to uncork the bottle you want to preserve. Leaving the cork on allows the wine to continue aging naturally.

This preservation system features clamps that you attach to the bottle. You can draw the wine out with a thin needle, and the device will fill the empty space with argon gas. Argon is a neutral gas that won’t affect how the wine tastes or ages.

When you’re done, remove the preservation system and the cork will expand again to seal the bottle and allow the wine to continue aging.

Handmade Leather Wine Dossier/Logbook

You can’t be a wine enthusiast if you don’t have a logbook. We recommend this small handmade logbook because it’s a convenient way of cataloging your collection and recording your experiences with different wines. It’s small enough to bring with you when you visit wineries or eat at your favorite restaurant.

We like the durable leather cover and the unique handmade look of this journal. It features a reliable design with the pages handsewn into the cover.

The logbook comes with templates that you can fill out to record information about each bottle you add to your collection.

Final Thoughts

These different items will help you customize your wine room and create a space where you enjoy relaxing and tasting wine. I recommend focusing on practical additions first to make sure you have enough storage space for your wine bottles and different accessories. You can then look into adding wall art and other extras that will make this room unique and fun to use.

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