Looking for a Gift? Check Out These 10 New Wine Accessories

Looking for a Gift? Check Out These 10 New Wine Accessories

If you’ve got a wine lover in your life, the easy gift idea may seem like a nice bottle of wine. And while that will always be appreciated by any connoisseur of wine, there are a number of fun wine accessories that are perfect for gifting.

You need to think about the person you’re gifting. Do they like going out to enjoy a great glass of wine or is a night at home with their favorite bottle more their style? Someone who enjoys hosting people at their house may appreciate a nice digital wine thermometer to make sure they’re serving guests the best wine possible, while someone who loves going out on the town may want something more practical like wine wipes or another wine accessory.

From decanters to board games to paperback books, here are 10 new wine accessories to consider the next time you need to gift your wine-loving friends.

new wine accessories

Wine Wipe

Anyone who loves a good glass of red wine knows the struggle of wine-stained teeth. The active ingredients list is small, so there’s no harm in using these wine wipes to erase stains from inside your mouth. One of the selling points of these wipes is that they won’t erase the taste of the wine, making them the perfect accessories for any regular wine drinker. Your friends will thank you!

Electric Wine Opener

Sure, any reasonable wine drinker will own their own wine bottle opener—but I have to ask the question: how many wine openers are enough? I’d argue you can never have too many! This electric wine opener from Oster was one of the 7 best wine openers under $50, with the ability to hold a charge for up to eight hours. 

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Wine and cheese go together like bread and butter, which is why a cheese board set makes the perfect gift for any wine drinker. This bamboo cheese board set available on Amazon includes a complete cutlery set with knives that are said to cut through hard cheese with minimal effort. I love the grooves on the border of this board that can be used to hold nuts, olives, crackers, etc.

Wine Bottle Glass

This wine bottle glass is a funny gift for any of your wine-loving friends—complete with the phrase, “I need a hug…e glass of wine” on the front. Made from real glass, this wine bottle glass holds an entire 750mL bottle of wine. Say goodbye to refills! Pair this accessory with your favorite bottle of red or white wine and you’ve got yourself a great gift.

Board Game

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Move over, Monopoly, there’s a new board game in town. Wine-Opology is a spinoff of the classic property game, but with a fun wine theme. As you play, you’ll learn facts about wine as you purchase your favorite wines and make deals using bunches of grapes. Maybe the best part of this game is the tokens you get to choose from, including a cork, carafe, cheese, cork, wine glass or wine bottle. Get ready for plenty of game nights once this game is gifted.

Wine Cooling Cups

If you’ve ever had a white or blush wine in the heat of summer, you know how hard it can be to keep your glass cool. These wine cooling cups make it possible to achieve the ideal serving temperature for any type of wine. The walls of these cups are filled with cooling gel which freezes when popped into the freezer. An added bonus of these cups is that they’re made from BPA-plastic. These come in several fun colors so you can personalize them based on your recipient!

Adult Coloring Book

Nothing describes a relaxing night quite like a coloring book and a nice glass of wine. This wine-themed coloring book is a great addition to any gift at only $7. Add it to a basket full of other awesome new wine accessories and you’ve got an amazing gift. Each page contains a cute wine-related image and snarky saying to color. Anyone would love to unwined (wink) with this adult coloring book.

Digital Wine Thermometer

This amazing digital wine thermometer makes it possible to easily keep track of the temperature of your wine bottle. The small device clips around any bottle of wine and provides the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also shares recommended temperatures for popular white and red wines so you know exactly where your bottle should be. This is a great gift option for the more advanced wine lover who is looking to take their wine drinking experience to the next level!

Portable Wine Cooler

Friends don’t let friends drink warm white wines. That’s why this portable wine cooler makes for a perfect gift for any wine aficionado. This cooler keeps wine cold for up to six hours—no ice needed. Its small size makes it easy to tote to picnics, out on the boat or around the pool in the heat of the summer. Built with an expandable design, this cooler was designed to fit most 750 mL wine and champagne bottles. I guarantee this gift would be welcomed by any wine drinker.

Monogram Wine Cork Holder

Many wine enthusiasts enjoy saving the corks from their favorite bottles of wine; however, they typically end up sitting in storage unappreciated. This awesome monogram wine cork holder solves that problem by allowing the corks to be beautifully displayed in a hand-crafted metal letter. Spell out words or gift a single letter for a fun, personalized gift. This is such a unique gift that can be gifted as a housewarming present, bridal shower, birthday and so much more. Check out our other Best Wine Accessories.

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